Back to Basics

The only way you can Stay on the Top is to remember to touch bottom and get back to basics.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdowns have ensured that almost all of us learn the art of going back to basics and learn that the Foundation is strengthened when you start again from basics. One of the greatest lessons, I have learnt personally in this phase is to demarcate between What is a Need & What is a Greed and which of the two should I feed ?
Once upon a time there was a couple. Both well educated, well-traveled, earning extremely well, externally happy but overwhelmed in consumerism, ridden in some major debts, doomed to a stressful life with dearth of time from work, living a life of unsatisfied purchases and on top of it all, surrounded by likeminded people whom they called Friends. They followed the Crowd to fit in but behind closed doors they dreamt of a simpler life where how much they made or the Brands that they showed off, did not matter at all. Sounds a bell. I am sure it does as we have all been guilty of it at some point of time. And then came from nowhere, a tiny Virus that became pandemic and a forced a lockdown that made everyone including this couple to Stay Home. In order to Stay Safe, which was more important than Staying Rich, Staying Branded, Staying with the lifestyle, they all had to stay at a place they called Home. Stay Safe, Stay Home thus became the most extensively used buzzword phrase. Life had brought everyone Back to Basics and Simplicity of Living was at its best display, ever.

How did all of a Virus forced, Back to Basics, change this couple,
  1. Instead of working in office, they were working on and in a garden.
  2. Instead of shopping and buying new stuff, they were re using and re cycling.
  3. Instead of looking for things to do on weekend, endless DIY ( Do It Yourself ) projects kept them busy.
  4. Instead of a Dinner at 5 stars and a Movie in a Multiplex, they had Drinks under the Stars.
  5. Their children experienced the Malgudi days instead of the Mall Goodie days.
  6. Instead of looking for money to bring happiness, they were happy to not spend what they already had.
  7. Instead of dreaming for More and being unhappy, they were Happy with Less. Yes, Less is More.
  8. Instead of complaining, they had Gratitude for their own well-being and Prayers for the sick.
  9. The only thing they wanted anymore was a Home Sweet Home of their choice.
  10. Earlier they were Empty. Now they are Fulfilled
At Huts Global, We Give Your Dreams an Address and Help you Buy that House that you can make into a Home, Sweet Home. Call us, when you are clear, What is your Need, What is your Greed and which one do you wish to Feed ?
Author : Samir Arora

Author : Samir Arora